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Celebrating Lake Sevan's Vibrant Narrative: "Sevan is On the Air" for Lake Sevan Day 2023

Country: Armenia
Component: Water resources

A culmination of creativity and environmental consciousness, "Sevan is On the Air" hackathon concluded this Saturday 26 August with a showcase of short films at Noy Land Resort on the shores of Lake Sevan. Videomakers from across Armenia gathered to present their cinematic interpretations of Lake Sevan, a national treasure, at this event.

Since early July, five diverse groups of young filmmakers hailing from various regions of Armenia were selected to participate in this hackathon. Their mission: to craft compelling short films that capture the essence of Lake Sevan from various angles - artistic, scientific, documentary, and journalistic. These cinematic endeavors are designed to illuminate the lake's paramount significance in Armenian life. From its pivotal role in agriculture and tourism to its status as a haven for unique flora and fauna, these films showcase Lake Sevan's vital importance and offer actionable solutions for its preservation.

The "Sevan is On the Air" hackathon, organised by the Armenian NGO "Environment and Health," in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment of Armenia, has been made possible through the generous support of the European Union, through two EU co-funded programmes: EU4Environment - Water and Data and EU4Sevan.

The event on August 26th saw the best film authors receiving an exclusive opportunity - a scenic journey through the picturesque landscapes of the Sevan Lake basin.

The EU-funded “EU4Environment – Water Resources and Environmental Data” Programme, launched in 2021, aims at supporting a more sustainable use of water resources and improving the use of sound environmental data ... Read more




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